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VKscore — allows you to automatically earn points for likes and comments on Your public and exchanging them for goods, to which we can add the chance of winning.

VK: https://vk.com/vkscore
T: @vkpoint

This method has long been known, but this was the administrators Vk. But due to the fact that we need to manually create a list of everyone who scored record, this feature was stopped. This method is back with enhanced features!


X-km Territory man

Journalism, communications, articles.

E: malyarusha@gmail.com
T: +380997598662

Tell us about yourself and your business in an accessible and interesting format with articles, interviews, notes, essays, reportage — this opportunity provides a partnership with online media Malyarenko Alena Nikolaevna, member of the Union of writers of Ukraine, member of the national Union of journalists with experience in radio, print and online media, the winner of regional and all-Ukrainian competitions. Professional journalist Alena Malyarenko, will publish an essay about You in any online publisher on the territory of Ukraine, Russia or CIS is not dependent on the city You live, will help You with the choice of topics and selection of news portal.

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